How Does A CRM Software Optimize Your Complete Sales Process?

The term ‘CRM’ is reiterated in the market and you might have heard of it even if you have never used or considered it. It has become the evergreen talk of the business town. You also know your own competitors and professional networks that completely rely on CRM software for their business operations. I wonder why you aren’t one of them!

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software?

CRM means customer relationship management and CRM software is the technology that helps entrepreneurs in capitalizing prospects, optimizing the resources, forecasting the business, and nourishing the relationship with existing clients. CRM software streamlines the process and increases the overall work productivity of the team on account of advanced modules.

When you discuss CRM with people, all you hear is it’s a business tool. But now, with the evolution in technology and demand from intellectual users, CRM has now become a robust program that can manage contact management, sales management, productivity, performance, GPS, leads, meetings, etc. From the elementary stage when simple contact is introduced to a company, it goes through the entire sales cycle and becomes an existing client; CRM takes care of each step and manages after-sales service. Thus it becomes a powerful system that manages a business. 

Why does your business need a CRM?

Your business has always been untouched from automation lending itself to a pile of sheets and jumble of important documents scattered at random locations. Let’s just have a look at basic contact management managed at your end;

With the regular excel sheet, you can store and manage;

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Address
  • Email ID
  • Status
  • Other details

Whereas, with CRM software you can keep track of:

  • All basic details mentioned above
  • Lead category
  • Live follow-ups
  • History
  • GPS
  • Sales pipeline stage
  • Business expected
  • Sales funnel
  • Calendar integrated with Google calendar
  • And more customized features!

Contact management in a company is a core function in a business as every other activity is based on the same. Yet, it’s just one function out of all, and clearly excel sheets aren’t capable of managing complex data of the entire business automatically. Unlike sheets, CRM software is not dependent on humans for any kind of update and is completely process-oriented. 

Your company has critical information and sensitive data gathered in all these years and surely you don’t want to hamper it. When not organized, a business can lose data, leads history can be missed, follow-up dates can be skipped, emails can be missed, and making decisions can become a task of guesswork. 

It’s not only the sales department that needs a CRM in your company but the whole business operations crave for it but you don’t know it!

Most entrepreneurs tend to fix internal issues but fail due to a lack of accurate information. 

How does CRM work?

CRM software’s role starts from day one when the company generates leads via diversified locations; calls, emails, digital marketing, website inquiries, and word of mouth. CRM software tracks each activity associated with it and documents it systematically. Every lead coming from different channels is stored category-wise. Salespersons can manage calls, follow-ups, minutes of meetings, tasks, etc in the CRM. It can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. 

Super features of CRM software!

  • Enjoy Advanced Contact Management: CRM software helps your business in storing customer’s detailed information safely in a centralized hub. It gives uninterrupted access to your team while working and they can always stay updated. Above all of it, you can stay assured as your sensitive data is always safe.
  • Schedule like a pro: The calendar module of CRM software gives a wonderful experience to your people as they can efficiently manage their daily schedules and meetings on their mobile phone itself. CRM allows you to prioritize important meetings and calls which gives more time to your prospects leading to a higher conversion ratio.
  • The talented task management: With CRM software you can do more in life! Just manage all your tasks from the system and stay ahead of your own benchmark. You can create, update and assign projects and daily tasks from the mobile app. You can also create small sub-tasks for a parent’s ongoing task. This process is known as task-tree.
  • Stop wondering, start achieving: The most intellectual module of CRM software that takes your sales to the next level is the high scaled sales funnel. There will be lesser leads in your pipeline and more in your bucket if your team fully utilizes the CRM. By tracking each activity, CRM automatically creates a pipeline that tells you the exact status of each cold, warm and hot lead. Your team does not need to work manually to create a funnel, instead they just need to focus on converting cold into warm and warm into hot leads.
  • Automated reports: CRM helps you in monitoring yourself because everything that can be tracked can be achieved. CRM creates automated activity reports daily so you can stay up to date.



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