5 Ways A Real Estate CRM Software Can Upscale Your Sales

The real estate industry is a booming sector due to its high demand from the consumers in the market. Real estate professionals are blessed with an abundance of high potential to stand like a rock even in adverse conditions like the Covid-19 pandemic. Though the condition was completely deleterious and the industry had to fight to a great extent. Unlike other sectors, real estate faced a larger chunk of struggle as the sales directly got punched during the Corona war. But, real estate has always resuscitated from unfavorable conditions even in the past whether it was a recession, crash, or the current Covid-19 state. 

Being such a vigorous section in the market, still, real estate stays rearward when it comes to adapting to automation and new technology. After analyzing in-depth, it has been known that the internal process of real estate businesses is like a baffling mystery that is puzzled in itself. This is quite disturbing yet true and many companies have no idea but this fact is slowly eating the strong walls of their business like a termite. 

Why is it high time for real estate to adopt a customized CRM?

The real estate sector is not leaving a single chance of staying ahead of competitors. In this current era of higher competition, especially after the Covid-19 lockdown phase-1, realtors are striving towards reaching the target audiences from all aspects. One can become good among the others by staying updated digitally, by using appropriate business strategies, or by polishing entrepreneurial skills. But, to be the best, real estate professionals can only count on an advanced technology program that will fix all the issues internally and convert the milestones into opportunities. A customized real estate CRM software is the answer to everything here. 

Being a complex process, real estate has extensive transactions and information to keep track of. Thousands of random people run through a real estate website, send messages and inquire about various properties, documenting every activity is nearly impossible without an automated system. A CRM that is specially built for real estate has all the customizable features and can systematize the entire business functionalities. 

A personalized CRM software helps a real estate business archive a higher number of closed deals in comparatively lesser time by automating the work process. 

Top Benefits of a customized real estate CRM

We all know the basic advantages of CRM and we all have to agree that the survival of the sales process is impossible today without a good CRM for any industry. Let’s understand how specifically a real estate CRM can change the game;

  • Lead Capturing, categorization, and analysis: A real estate  CRM is a robust technology that not only helps in generating new leads from multiple platforms but helps your sales representatives in segregating leads based on past follow-ups, history, transactions, profile, interests, activities, and intentions of the customers. Often it happens that a salesperson has customer details like contact information, location, financial background, existing properties and requirements. But, these details aren’t enough for an efficient sales talk and somewhere it misses the essence when approached.  In this tough competition, sales executives have become hyperactive on all digital platforms to examine infographics of customers and their exact needs. Real estate CRM is a tailored solution developed as per the minor needs of organizations.
  • Managing agents and external channel partners: A proficient real estate CRM software will empower you with a handful of features and customized sub-solutions to take care of the minor-level management. You can create special accounts for your external channel partners and brokers where they will be able to view limited information relevant to their job. You can easily handle leads coming from them and track their progress. Your agents and you can easily view the updates and work from the mobile app. It will speed up the process and will save additional verbal talks.
  • Mobile real estate CRM: A real estate CRM is an efficient solution that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere. You need not rush to grab a laptop for the dashboard view. But, choose your system wisely as many CRM software providers give you mobile access but the UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience) are not detailed enough to manage entire sales on mobile itself. A perfect mobile-based real estate CRM must incorporate all the modules and must be capable of handling leads, inquiries, follow-ups, site visits, meetings, and any activity at any given point.
  • Advanced Integrations: No solution is complete without integrations with related platforms. A real estate CRM software will integrate with all the channels that will automate your lead generation and inquiry capturing process. You can also integrate your chats and emails on your mobile phone itself. Your sales executive will have to face less difficulties while approaching leads from multiple platforms.
  • Marketing automation: A real estate CRM has a specific marketing module which will help you in automating your marketing process. You can manage email and SMS campaigns via a centralized system. It helps you to analyse the number of emails sent, delivered, clicked and opened. This will ease down your marketing efforts and will help you to improvise on the strategies.

CONCLUSION: A CRM is a vast program and itself has enormous features other than the above ones. Every real estate is well equipped with basic features like maintaining the entire company’s data in a centralized location, nurturing the lead effectively, maintaining detailed sales funnel, managing site visits and user-wise calendar, GPS, forecasting business using extensive reports automatically generated by the system and managing the database efficiently. Most significant aspect while selecting the right real estate CRM is to look into the advanced features and not missing out on the mobile app. Along with extensive features, a software must be user friendly and easy to implement. 

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