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What is a Real Estate CRM Software?

A real estate Customer Relationship Management software is a centralized system that enables the realtors to have access to all the leads generated from various online channels in one place. It automates the lead collection and management process for increased business revenue and smoothens the entire sales process from top to bottom. Some benefits that come with leadrat by default are;

  • Saves time by reducing the manual work of lead collection to conversion.
  • Segregates the customers based on lead quality.
  • Allows advanced data filtering to only view the data that matters.
  • Allows tracking of lead generation efficiency of various marketing channels.
  • Helps in the management of the sales team by keeping them occupied and tracking their performance metrics.

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Instant Integration With 3rd party platforms

So That You Don’t Miss Even a Single Lead

Leadrat allows you to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party platforms and import all of the lead data at one place. Say goodbye to manual work and adopt Leadrat automation to propel significantly better lead conversions

Here’s How Leadrat Can Help you convert
‘Prospects Into Paying Clients’

Enhanced/Centralized Lead Management

  • Capture, track, and convert leads seamlessly from multiple sources, including website inquiries, social media, and property portals.
  • Streamline lead distribution and assignment to ensure timely follow-up and maximize conversion rates.

Optimize Client Relationship Management

  • Centralize client information and communication history for personalized engagement and superior customer service.
  • Segment clients based on their status to tailor marketing and communication efforts.

Streamline Property Management

  • Manage property listings, availability status, and showings with ease.
  • Automate tasks such as appointment scheduling, document management, and contract tracking to streamline the transaction process.

Effective Team Management

  • Manual & Automatic assignment of leads to sales representatives for instant follow-up and closure.
  • Identify areas of improvement by analyzing the updates from sales executives based on customer interaction
  • Assign tasks to team members with a deadline and different levels of priorities.

Goal Setting & Tracking

  • With Leadrat, it’s easy to set goals at individual and group levels. Assess the team’s performance towards targets for improved optimization.
  • Identify the areas of improvement by tracking the lead generation to conversion ratio.

Performance Analytics

  • Generate detailed reports to track various key performance metrics like leads generated, leads converted, site visits, etc.
  • Assess the best-performing executives and use data to start coaching the ones that need further job-specific training.
  • Analyze the efficiency of various marketing channels in terms of their lead generation capabilities and lead quality.

CRM: Building Bridges, Not Walls​

Promotes the idea that CRM should facilitate better communication and relationships with customers

Positions dashboards as central hubs for valuable business insights​

Suggests that effective lead management is a systematic process leading to sales success.

Indicates that trust is built through reliable and effective property management services

Analyze, track and share reports built on real-time data from across your workspace.

Turning Leads into Gold: Your Path to Success

Utilize CRM software to centralize lead information, track interactions, and manage lead status..CRM systems help sales and marketing teams collaborate more effectively.


much more

Your customers are always connected. Why should your CRM be any different?

Project Management

Turning ideas into reality, one well-managed project at a time.

Property Management

Unlocking the potential of your property,

Team Management

Empowering Teams, Excelling Together.

Data Management

Mastering Data for a Smarter Tomorrow.


Turning Data into Insights, Action,
and Impact


The Key to Tracking Progress and
Building Success

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We are real estate dedicated CRM with Amazing user Interface and easy to use application and we do have seamlessly synced Both web and mobile application which will help both office and field employees in very great deal.

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To keep your data structured and work on the lead as soon as they generated and maintain better communication and follow up with the leads making an effective impression and increasing revenue of your business without losing leads and streamline your sales process by using data driven process.

Our CRM will encrypt your leads data so that only the end user can see the leads not even we can see your and since our CRM is cloud based application the data will be saved in Server with amazon web services.

Any Real Estate Developers builders or Channel Partner who maintain their own team of sales are best suited to use leadrat CRM with effective usage they increase their revenue significantly.

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