Sales Management Software to propel conversions at every stage of the sales funnel

From the moment a hot lead comes in to the moment it gets converted into sales, and everything in between, Leadrat’s powerful sales management system helps your real estate business at every step of the way. Sales is easy when you choose Leadrat.

What is a Sales Management Software?

Sales management software is an advanced tool for business owners and their sales managers to take better control of the entire sales process. It helps them manage incoming leads, assign them to sales representatives, classify them based on their nature, prepare notes, and instantly connect with clients without switching tabs, etc. When sales representatives have that level of control over leads, your business is bound to close more leads.

With Leadrat’s dedicated sales management system for real estate businesses, your sales representatives get to track every single lead coming in, and prioritize them based on their closeness to conversion so that the team’s cumulative focus works on closing as many leads as possible. 

Wherever you get the leads from, we can import them all automatically

The best part about our sales management software is that we don’t let you miss a single lead from your website or any other major platform such as Facebook, Magicbrics, 99 Acres, Housing, Olx, Google ads, etc. Not only that, there are no restrictions on manual import as well.  

A Sales Management System

Sales isn’t only one man’s job instead, it comes to fruition when all the efforts of sales and marketing departments are perfectly aligned together. That is possible when each member of the two teams knows exactly what type of lead do they have at their disposal.

Sales Operations

Managing the sales operations was never this easier​

Qualify the leads

Quality leads are the crux of sales management procedure. The lower the quality of leads, the harder and more complex it becomes to manage the entire sales process.

Control who to assign the leads

Assuming that your real estate business receives leads from multiple sources, a good sales management software should automatically assign the incoming leads to sales representatives based on their availability and allow you to assign the incoming leads as you want and who you want. With Leadrat’s sales management system, you are in full control of which sales representative gets assigned to which lead and from which platform.

Get lead status directly from the Dashboard

Upon lead assignment to a sales representative, access the lead status directly from the dashboard with just a few clicks. Get to know if the lead is pending and untouched, waiting for a callback and the purpose behind it, what was the source of the lead, etc. With this level of detail, you entire sale process management becomes smoother than ever.

Instantant connection

In the process of sales, every single second counts. That’s why sales representatives are on call the majority of the time. Thus, when they start working on a CRM like ours, they should be able to instantly get in touch with the prospects without having to worry about which device Leadrat’s advanced sales management system allows your sales representatives to instantly connect with the prospects via call, email, or even WhatsApp with just one click.

Spend where it’s worth

As a real estate business, you must be getting leads from a number of online property listing websites and social media platforms via various paid marketing campaigns. But, are they all equally worth it? Assess the performance of each platform based on the leads they send to Leadrat’s sales management system and prioritize the ones that send the most qualitative leads that lead to conversion. When you invest in our lead management system, you start getting returns from day one.

Reports to simplify the incoming data

Leadrat offers various automatically generated reports based on your incoming leads data on different projects and their statuses. These reports help you understand and make sense of the data in an easy-to-understand manner and plan the set of actions accordingly. Get insights into even the minute details that you may otherwise miss amid such a large pool of incoming data.

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