Terms of Service

Welcome to leadrat. Happy to offer you our service.  Please read through these terms & conditions carefully before proceeding to avail our services.  

When you log in by registering on our website, it automatically confirms your agreement to abide by our terms & privacy policy.  

[You may require signing a Manual or electronic execution agreement on availing different services, which would be part in the future.]

 Your registrations with us 

 You’re required to register with us in order to use the products or services. To create an account, you must be at least 18 years old & should provide accurate and authentic details about yourself. If details change anytime in between, you’re allowed to update on your account link or send us an email at hello@leadrat.com.  

 Do not share your account details with anyone just to avoid meddling into your privacy. If you identify any creepiness in your account, then you can notify us for prompt action. 

Publishing of Content 

 The content, images, videos, or any information related to the product you share on the website should belong to you/you must hold all the rights. And/Or if it belongs to other’s then with their (concern person’s) permission, you’re allowed to post on the website. Users hereby acknowledge that all the information posted are appropriate & suitable fit to the best of their knowledge. 

 By posting your subject matter with us, you give us full authority, freedom & permission to reproduce, encrypt, modify, convert, store, transfer, publish, etc. and use your content as applicable & apt for the business & to provide services. 

 You give us consent to release & agree to not hold us liable for any allegations, actions, damage, loss, harm, any expense arising out of any content/subject matter you publish. 

Please bear in mind that any content, information, ideas, or any other conversation of yours wouldn’t be confidential and that we have the rights to use, circulate, reproduce such content without any obligation to you. 

Also, please make it a strong point that we will not be responsible in any way for any post done by another person on your behalf. You will be solely responsible for this & we shall not be held liable if such posts cause any damage or loss or any bad to you in any manner. 

If you choose to terminate your account with us or ask us not to use your data any further, please intimate us at hello@leadrat.com.  

[‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘leadrat’ are the references] 


Termination & Modifications 

 We reserve the right to change the settings or modify the website with or without any notice. For instance, we may upgrade or deduct any functionality or features or may even terminate certain functionality/features altogether.  

We also reserve rights to terminate the accounts, contracts, & access if we find any violation of our terms and conditions.  

We shall have the sole right to either charge or increase the fee. 

Diligent use of the site 

Strick action will be taken against those who publish and/or upload abusive, offensive, racial, pornographic content.  

Breaching of law & order will be acted upon very seriously; all the measures should be taken to comply with the applicable laws, procedures & policies, guidelines, recommendations. Stays up to date with the Government changes & accordingly implement them in the content. 

 Do not attempt to deliver any virus or malware while uploading your content. Stringent actions would be taken on misuse and accessing in the unauthorized manner of the leadrat site or app. Using other person’s log-in details & hacking is clearly unacceptable, and any such acts are punishable.  

 Suppose we observe any unaccepted activities happening or against the rules & regulations or any serious violations. In that case, without any notice, we will stop further services to you, deactivate your account, and remove your content. For that matter, every piece of information concerning you will be permanently deleted.  

Your registration to our website doesn’t give you ownership of any patent rights to the content you access.  

 You’re advised not to use any info that is not yours and from our website, unless you’ve our permission and from the concerned person who is the content owner.  

It is common sense on what to, how-to, and what not to use on the website. You’re advised strictly to adhere to ethics.  


Communication Channel: 

 When you communicate with us through a site or app, you allow us to communicate electronically. You will receive communication from us by email and/or posting notes/announcements on the website. You agree on electronically receiving any notices, agreements, disclosures, or any communication as a legal entity and consider it the same as in writing. Please make sure to provide an active email-id of yours to ensure all the critical conversation is actually at the receiving end.  

Please note that the contact details (phone number, email-id, physical address) that you share with us, we consider it to be your consent to use by us, our agents, and relevant professionals. The mode of communication in a deemed manner is coherent with our privacy clause. 


Patent Rights 

At any given time, you notice that any content on the services breeches your patent rights, you may request to us for the removal or deactivation of that content.


Leads: terms of use

All leads are generated via ad campaigns and 3rd party portals organically. We do take any responsibility on their conversions.

Internet Community 

 The availing services may involve integration with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Insta, YouTube, etc. All or one or two of these & while you use these it will be governed by the terms & regulations posted on those sites.  

You must check if the use of those sites fulfills any pertinent terms of service or any other provision or contracts. You are solely responsible for ensuring the above is met with. 


Additional Details 

 Anytime we feel deemed necessary, we may modify the terms & conditions of our website, so ensure to check the website in the interim. Even after the changes, if you continue the service with us, it will indicate your approval for the changes or the revised terms. If you disagree with the newly changed terms, you need to stop logging in to the website. 

We may be connected to some of the third-party sites. This doesn’t imply that we regulate or endorse those sites or any trades happening on the site

Refund and Cancellation Policy –  


Last modified: 07/04/2022 




“Dhinwa Solutions Pvt. Ltd ” is committed to your satisfaction. If you have purchased a subscription of leadrat from  Dhinwa Solutions Pvt. Ltd and are unhappy with the services received. You can cancel your subscription at any time you wish. 


No Refund will be done in case the user cancels his subscription. We operate on a Zero refund policy. 





To be eligible for Cancellation, the following steps must be taken: 


Cancellation must be requested in writing by contacting support@leadrat.com 

Request of cancellation must be made before 15 days of the cancellation.

No refund will provide after cancellation.



Dhinwa Solutions Pvt. Ltd is committed to its consumers, and while we stand by our policy as written above, we also want to understand how we can resolve the dissatisfaction and better understand how we can serve you. 


Please contact Dhinwa Solutions Pvt. Ltd at support@leadrat.com or contact 8050385050 for any questions related to our policy, or simply to let us know how we can help.  



Dhinwa Solutions Pvt. Ltd 

1596 level, 2, 20th Main Rd, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, Bangalore 

Karnataka, India 560102 




1. Organization wise segregation – Organisations using the application will each have their separate database and no information or data will be shared/leaked with other organizations using the leadrat black application.

2. Lead Privacy – We make sure that the leads pertaining to an organization is visible only to the people with the permission to do so. (Privacy policy)

3. Roles & Permissions – Roles & Permissions ascertains what role each individual user will have in an organization, along with the permissions and privileges granted to them. We also give the organizations to create custom roles and permissions as per their need, apart from the default roles with permissions provided by us.

4.Payments – Payments are to be secured within 30 days of generation of the invoice. If all due payments are not completed within the said time period, all access to the application will be held off for the organization