Lead Management System to Take the Burden off Your Shoulders and boost conversions that drive revenue

Leadrat’s powerful lead management system makes the entire process of managing your leads easier than ever. Spend time on leads that matter and boost conversions that drive revenue.

What is a Lead Management System?

  • Filter ‘close-to-conversion’ leads from the rest of the incoming leads.
  • Classify leads based on their status such as new, pending, overdue, scheduled, etc.
  • Add notes on leads for effective team communication & improved customer support.
  • Connect with leads at different levels directly from the lead management system.
  • Analyze the lead generation capabilities of your current marketing channels for effective budget management.
  • Utilize data to sharpen the sales skills of your company representatives.

A lead management system is an advanced piece of technology that helps you manage all the incoming leads, analyze them, distribute them to sales representatives, and segregate the quality ones to increase your customer base and in turn, boost your business revenue.

With Leadrat’s lead management system built with special attention to real estate businesses, you can eliminate manual lead management, automate the entire process of lead management, and spend time on bigger business goals that set you up at the top of your industry. 

Want to see Leadrat in Action?

You name the platform; we can integrate it all

Our lead management software allows you to integrate and collect leads from your website, and all major platforms such as Facebook, Magicbrics, 99 Acres, Housing, Olx, Google ads, etc. With an integration facility to all such platforms, you are guaranteed not to miss a single lead.

A lead management system that allows your sales and marketing teams to work collaboratively to close more leads

  • Add as many of your company employees as part of the team with varying levels of permissions.
  • Add details of each team member like name, mobile number, mail ID, their department, their roles and responsibilities within the team, reporting authority, etc.
  • Allow the sales and marketing teams to work collaboratively to improve the quality of incoming leads and boost conversions

We take care of the hard work so that you can focus on smart work

Access All incoming leads in one place

Custom dashboards for you, your team, and your organization to view leads at different levels and precision. With a personalized dashboard, our lead management system displays all your leads in one place. Just a click is all it takes. Filter by dates to assess the impact of your marketing activities on a specific day for lead generation.

Lead History

Get instant access to lead history to understand where customers exactly are in the sales funnel. Improved engagement and customer support to build brand loyalty from the very beginning.

26+ Advanced filters To view lead data that matters

Filter by data types such as all leads, my data, team data, etc. Utilize 26+ real-estate-specific filters to view the lead data that you are most interested in.

Freedom to add external data

Our lead management system allows you to upload your own set of data manually. View and use this manually uploaded data in congruence with automatically collected lead data to understand the bigger picture

Send emails to customers directly using ready-made email templates

Leadrat offers custom ready-made email templates for instant communication. Select the template type, add your message, and ‘send’. That’s how easy it is to revert to prospects using our LMS

Classify to convert

The lead management system allows you to classify your incoming leads based on their nature such as cold, warm, hot, about to convert, etc. Utilize this functionality to prioritize your team’s tasks and segregate the customers

Land in the customer’s inbox directly from your dashboard

Utilize the power of WhatsApp marketing and land directly on the customer’s WhatsApp inbox. Send personalized messages using pre-ready lead generation templates.

Onboarding steps as simple as our lead management system

Login With CRM

Connect with 3rd party

Managing leads is now possible

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