Top 7 Alexa Skills To Support Your Real Estate Business

With the advent of technology, virtual personal assistants (VPA) have become a norm in every part of the world and Amazon echo is dominating the market with almost 55 million Echo devices sold in 2020 alone. Amazon Echo is an internet-connected, voice-activated physical device that understands the voice commands using ALEXA. Echo is basically a device that relies on Alexa which is a cloud-based technology that understands the voice requests made and processes them with the help of different software services.

Adapting this new technology can be used to transform real-estate business greatly and could allow us to stay 10 steps ahead of our competitors. Using Alexa in our real-estate business can change the change by:

1. Generate more leads

The number of users who have access to smart technology these days is skyrocketing every minute. There are a lot of apps in the market integrated with Alexa which can help the real estate business owners to get the list of people who are looking to buy/ rent/to sell space.

When a takes Alexa’s help to find a house, Alexa narrows down the search and connects them to you by providing the details of available spaces around the user and providing them with your contact information. Utilizing this latest shift in the way people might be exploring the real estate, incorporating it into the company’s system might be the next big thing.

2. Voiceter Pro

Alexa’s real estate app – Voiceter pro is a very popular Alexa skill that lets us stay up to date with developments in the real estate sector in our area. This app searches for homes on rent, sale in specific locations and around the users in their neighborhood. It helps the users to narrow down their home search by allowing them to customize features. After the request is placed, Alexa provides them with the top 3 matches and sends them this information via email as well.

It also keeps the real estate company/ agents updated about the current market trends, pricing, any new developments, etc. Using Voiceter Pro will help you by expanding the exposure and having a wide audience. It’s a great way to stay in and ahead of the market by using the latest technology.

3. Customize your own Alexa skill

Alexa has one of the largest skill directories with more than 40 real-estate skills and it allows the real-estate companies or agents to create their own skills which are unique to their company with the help of a developer. Homebuyers may have a lot of queries and might need to connect to the company/ agent to request more services etc. all this can be taken care of by Alexa by providing trustworthy service recommendations. With your own Alexa skill customization, you can add the list of service providers recommended by your company and when the user is in need Alexa will guide the buyers to these service providers. The best part about Alexa is it’s a one-time investment and there is nil cost after the initial development and its installation. Customizing anything will always add that tinge of uniqueness that sets you apart from all the others in the market.

4. Smart homes (voice-controlled automatic home features)

Creating the first impression often cuts the deal in real estate and that can be easily done using Alexa skills by creating a smart home.  The latest Amazon echo plus can control more than 100 appliances when installed with IFTTT. With just one device and the sound of your voice, you can control all the electronic appliances of your home- like switching on/ off lights, controlling the air -conditioner, changing the TV channels, starting the dishwasher, etc. how amazing the experience would be? All these features, when incorporated in a home, can make a huge impact on sales by creating that impression and by giving an experience beyond expectations.

5. Weather

Weather is one of the main things people consider before investing in property most of the time. Owning and selling homes or managing homes has a lot to do with weather and that is why it is very important that the property owners keep themselves up to date with local weather conditions to ensure that the residents and the homes are both safe. With Amazon Alexa skills – this can be achieved easily at any time. The Big Sky application tells us each detail related to weather like when it’s going to rain and what time it would end at a specific location, the humidity levels, and wind speed, etc. Alexa can be set to prompt when bad weather is approaching. The weather when the client is coming to see the property/house for the first time can be checked as it has a great impact on the decision of the client.

6. Finance

Alexa Skills which include banking features can be connected and merged with your bank account to easily pay bills related to utilities like electricity, water, etc. just by using their voice and giving a command. In real-estate companies, this feature can be used to place orders for supplies and to pay for advertisements on google. It can also be used to transfer funds to the business accounts faster.

7. Scheduling

For a real estate company where agents and owners are constantly planning, scheduling meetings, taking calls from both buyers and sellers, It is very difficult to grab a pen and paper and make notes of every appointment and keep a schedule. Alexa can be a real estate agent’s best friend when it comes to scheduling, all you have to do is tell Alexa and your planner is ready with reminders on time. Alexa integrates with google calendar and keeps things organized for you.

Amazon Alexa has numerous benefits to offer to real estate agents and companies, by integrating it with the CRM software of the company you can make the most of it in terms of marketing and advertising, development, scheduling, etc. Remember having a customized Alexa skill can take your company to the top.

In today’s world, any business that is incorporating digital medium as their mode to reach out to people can make use of Alexa -The voice-based interface for prototyping. With the right CRM blended and accommodated to voice search will make time management and productivity. Property and real-estate businesses demand one-click access to carry out each day-to-day task. Alexa’s integration with CRM will make synchronization of all activities and reduce manual works so that time can be instead used in building client relationships. Overall, this blend of CRM and Alexa ‘competition’ and ‘technology’ when taken into consideration together will keep oneself ahead of time.

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